About Company

www.pakistanies.com is the first online Pakistani marketing place to connect businesses online with innovative idea. Our vision is to connect people to share services and products they are offering online. www.pakistanies.com is an online platform for products and services to promote and sell products/services. We are making free online web store of products or services with free SMS marketing, email marketing and newsletter marketing.

www.pakistanies.com is an online business directory that solely provides its services for the buyers and sellers of Pakistani community. This business hub is an online platform to sell and purchase products and services of different sort. From clothing to services industry you can have access to products and services anywhere in Pakistan. The sole purpose of this business hub is to bring people of different interests and expertise together. www.pakistanies.com gives you the opportunity to thrive as a startup business or as individual with significant expertise.

What sets this platform apart from others is that is empowers people with latest means. This business directory believes in the fact that it is crucial for one to flourish economically. People with different and unique entrepreneurial ideas in Pakistan don't usually get enough exposure just because of the lack of opportunity and platforms. People connecting on a same platform make it more than just about self-interest and that’s what primarily concerns this business hub.     

As an employer and business partner we tend to work with people who have to offer a tangible benefit with their products and services to customers. As this platform makes sure to connect hundreds of talented individuals and entrepreneurs, it also makes sure to provide quality at firsthand experience of customers. So if you're looking for an opportunity and want a platform for offering the best of your customers to people, www.pakistanies.com is just the right place for you.