Posting Rules

If you are new on our website you and you create your own free web store then you have to follow rules for the purpose of posting or submission on our website which is mentioned below.
Copy rights
As a alert, editors should only use images, videos, document’s or pdf for their submission or posting  on free web store which Brands holds the copyright or stock images, videos, document’s or pdf that they have purchased rights to use. Our Company will not be liable for any unauthorized copyright issues.

Before uploading, here are a few best practices to keep in mind
•    Keep in mind images size should not be more than 100kbs.
•    The following formats you can use for images is .jpg and .png
•    Prepare your images before uploading using Photoshop or similar software. This will help prevent image distortion and long page load time caused by large files.
•    Keep in mind you have to use low resolution image’s (72 dpi) for the purpose of uploading your own free web store.
•    You should make sure images don't reinforce negative or stereotypical attitudes especially for ethnicity, age or gender.
•    Documents or pdf that you are upload on your free web store should be easy to understand.
•    PDFs and documents must be made accessible before being uploaded.

Why we use low resolution images or videos ?
You have to use low resolution images because low resolution have fever pixels and low in size and load image properly on web page immediately. Large image size slow down your web page speed. So, you have to use low resolution images.