Privacy Policy gives primary importance to the privacy policy regarding its members, clients, business partners, and sellers. A privacy policy gives a precise idea that how a company handles and deals with the private information of everyone who is connected and has their stake in a company. So for that very reason this business hub in Pakistan makes sure to make a substantial privacy policy for everyone. Privacy policy is available for everyone to take a look at and updated frequently according to need.

Privacy policy of this online platform specifies the queries regarding names, mobile number, address, browsing history, downloads, and uploads as well. Here privacy policy is banded with legalities to affirm fully responsibility towards everyone’s private data and information. Other than the exposure towards the privacy policy for everyone, this site also gives an online agreement for full consensus of everyone.

Privacy policy is not only confined to information and personal data, but is also for products and services sales and purchases. What sort and nature of products and services you can provide, purchase and this platform will advertise for you, which are all present in the privacy policy.